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Losing a Parent, Gaining an Ancestor

A course to bless the threshold, honor your connection with a parent who has passed over and explore the wonderful mystery of ancestral healing. So that you can let this rite of passage transform you, step into your sovereign connection with all that is Good and align with the life that is calling you to a great adventure. 


This eleven week program includes:



*Personal Coursework

*A Ritual Guide

In this webinar we will cover


Hi! I'm grateful that in this wild world, our paths are crossing in this moment in time.

My hope is that what I share here invites you into a possibility that is healing, expansive and miraculous whether you choose me to guide you in this capacity or not.


Let’s dive in!


I believe that losing a parent is an initiation that can offer us insight into ourselves, our lineage, and the spirit world. I believe that through our grief, there is a possibility where we are brought to our knees and hollowed out. And I believe that this humility and hollowed out place is a portal that has the potential to expand our ability to contain wisdom, compassion and wonder.

Coming into right relationship with the paradox of our grief and our praise is what transforms us into spiritually mature adults. And if we continue to listen deeply, I think it is what transforms us into the elders who know how to guide our children and future children toward becoming people they can be truly proud of.


Many people who lose a parent hardly ever talk about them again. The tenderness of the wound can create a feedback loop, where we don't want to talk about them because it hurts. And it’s so painful because we haven't spoken about them and really processed the immense loss and transformational nature of the transition.


When we are able to unkink the hose and clear the blockages in the line, we open the flow of love and life-force energy between their spirit and ours, once again. It’s like a river. There is nothing I need to do for it to flow besides help you remove what is blocking it.


This unkinking of the hose has impacts that branch out into every aspect of life. Because we are a living organic system, when there is a blockage the entire web of our lives and relationships is affected. The positive aspect of this is true as well. When we offer care, attention and investment to healing an aspect of this web, the entire system transforms.


I believe there is a possibility for closeness with our ancestors inside our being that can be deeply humbling and spiritually profound. And that this intimacy is a doorway into an entire realm of unseen support.


It’s incredible to consider all the people’s shoulders we stand on to be here. All the people who survived and reproduced despite great odds.


May this course and our work together honor their life and sacrifice and bless our parents and all our ancestors toward the light of their next adventure. So that forgiveness can flow backward and forward and help guide us in the carving of a fresh possibility for ourselves, the people we come into contact with and the world.


In taking the time to connect with and care for all the parts of ourselves through conscious choice and group ritual we bring the unconscious to the conscious.


THis is a portal if you choose to see it as such. This is an invitation to take your seat at the table of our life in a very real way. As we remember how to be with grief, we carve the path that shows others how to grieve. As we learn to how to hold the paradox of life and death, we show other how to hold the paradox of their joy and suffering as well. 


In a world that has banished death and worships youth, we have forgotten something profound. When we turn toward this truth together we remember our place in the wholeness of things. And that is a deeply meaningful and beautiful thing. 

Aerial View of a Mountain River

The Flow

Module one- welcome and thanks

Module two: listening deeply

1:1 Coaching Call

Module three- moving through grief in a good way 

Module four: ritual and ceremony as tools for connection

1:1 Coaching Call

Module five: shadoe work, the sovereign and what it means to be embodied

Module six: loyalty, boundaries, forgiveness and the inner child

1:1 Coaching Call

Module seven: i am as close to you as your own heartbeat

*(This is a rough sketch of the modules* subject to change according to what feels relevant and of most support to the group/individual as we move through the program*) Dates TBD


The Magic of a Group Journey

There can be a serendipitous and alchemical, way that this type of group work constellates.


Often a person is a step ahead or a step behind us, so we get to see processes supported that may be coming a bit later on our own healing journey. Or we may witness others in circle experiencing lessons we have experienced in the past.


This enables a rooting in of more understanding and healing, because we're not only receiving and witnessing support from our present vantage point, but seeing into later steps and reflecting on past processes with a bit of distance, as we step into the role of the witness.


In my experience, this co-creating of community, rooted in vulnerability and trust, is the antidote to feeling alone in our suffering. By gathering in this way, we create a community of support. So that we become more resilient and resourced, we rise up together. 


As Ram Das so eloquently put it, "we are all walking each other home."  


Weaving with the Mystery

My orientation to facilitation is to support the flow of the mystery. So, I create structure and then move intuitively with what wants to come through.

Because of this every session that I offer is unique and alive and in this way, tailored to those who choose to enter. 


What People Are Saying About Natalie's Work

This journey may be for you if you:

  • have experienced the loss of a parent or person who parented you (this could be a grandparent or elder and does not necessarily need to be related to you by blood) 

  • recognize this time as a significant initiation in your life. You feel big shifts happening and that you are being called to hold yourself in a completely new way

  • have a spiritual orientation, meaning that you believe and are devoted to something other than just you​

  • would like to feel more connected to your parent or close relative who has passed over

  • have done some personal development work or spiritual exploration and are open to exploring with this lens

  • feel isolated in your grief at times. At times you feel like no one can understand what you're going through. You may be having a hard time integrating this new paradigm.
  • feel your parent, or close loved one is with you sometimes and wish to lean in

  • don't feel your loved one and you would like to connect with the part of them that lives inside you

This initiation may not be for you if you:

  • don't have any interest in and aren't open to exploring ceremony, ritual or ancestral healing

  • don't have capacity or interest in holding space for/listening to others process and perspectives

  • are frustrated and irritated by prayer, ceremony or devotion

  • are uninterested in exploring the world through lenses other than the material

  • are not ready to or interested in transforming or supporting others to transform

  • don't believe in or aren't interested in personal growth or spiritual exploration



Do I really need a course to go through this process? 

You can absolutely do much this on your own. I am going to do my best to make many of these resources and teaching available through my podcast(coming soon!) and through free ritual guides etc. 

However, much of the time, it’s not more information that we need.. we have all the information and resources, it’s about saying yes to the adventure and actually doing the things. 

I have found it pivotal to be witnessed as I die and am reborn as something new. At certain times in life, I’m not sure that processes can be completed until they are witnessed. You can create our own container but then the question is will you actually do it?  

If you desire a a strong, supportive container to be witnessed and transform inside of this is for you.

Is this course for me if I had a tumultuous relationship with my parent during their life? 

Yes. If you had a difficult relationship with your parent in their life, the feelings can be confusing when they die. You might feel relief… and guilt.. and sadness and joy all at the same time. I understand that seemingly contradictory feelings can coexist. This is for you.

Will I benefit from taking this course if I lost someone else who parented me, other than my biological Mom or Dad? 

Yes. You are welcome to take this course if you have lost a grandparent or caretaker of any kind. SOme of this information will also be supportive to someone who lost a sibling or close friend but the course centers the experience of losing a parent so is most closely tailored to that experience. 


I invite you to reach out to me at with additional questions. Someone else might have the same questions and asking yours will help me serve them better, as well.


"I loved working with Natalie. I loved the way there was plenty of time to get into deep state of processing and vulnerability. I loved how safe I felt, how seen, heard, felt and cared for.

Natalie is a balanced and strong guide. She is watery and feminine and focused. She has a seemingly endless capacity to acknowledge the things we feel are too dark to love, and helped me to shine my own light on [these aspects of myself, as well]."

Nula Fisher -Artist and Medicine Maker 


The gentle guidance back to the present moment, present goals and how they make me feel was so helpful.

And being able to open up and be truthful with no fear of judgement was wonderful!

Honestly, I would not change anything about my experience.

Julie Randal -Artist, Designer and Mother

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