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Art by Tijona Lukovic 


Wholeness Coaching 

Welcome! I'm so delighted that you're here. My name is Natalie Nugent. I have spent most of my life, in one way or another, studying what roots in real transformation.

In my 1:1 work with clients, we collaborate to create a powerful relational container for healing and transformation. With a blend intuitive coaching, energy work and ceremonial practice. We go deep and laugh a lot along the way.

My clients are people who know that the quality of their relationships to self, other and the divine is the quality of their life. I work with those who are ready to heal their relationships, establish boundaries that facilitate more joyful connection and bloom open to their most joyful and embodied life. 

Sessions are 150$ and you have the option to meet with me in person at my home, or over the phone/zoom. Click the link to schedule a free call with me and see if we might be a fit.




"I loved working with Natalie. I loved the way there was plenty of time to get into deep state of processing and vulnerability. I loved how safe I felt, how seen, heard, felt and cared for.

Natalie is a balanced and strong guide. She is watery and feminine and focused. She has a seemingly endless capacity to acknowledge the things we feel are too dark to love, and helped me to shine my own light on [these aspects of myself, as well]."

Nula Fisher -Artist and Medicine Maker

The gentle guidance back to the present moment, present goals and how they make me feel was so helpful. And being able to open up and be truthful with no fear of judgement was wonderful! Honestly, I would not change anything about my experience.

Julie Randal - Designer and Mother

 This container launched glimmers of insight for integrating my past in new ways. I am so grateful for Natalie's coaching and highly recommend her for all matters relating to the heart. 

Dena Kittelson -Speech Language Pathologist and Co-Founder at Garden of the Arts

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