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It's nice to meet you! My name is Natalie Nugent and I am the founder of Doe Woven Coaching.


With 1:1 coaching journeys, in person experiences and group adventures I help my clients align to a life and version of themselves that is more meaningful, fulfilling, and ALIVE.

By honoring nuance and integrating paradox, we align to a Divine Union within and without, that is greater than the some of its parts. 

When we integrate the parts of ourselves that we previously left behind we become more authentic and more ourselves.


We step into a grounded presence and expand our capacity to access freedom and choice. We orient ourselves so that our ego is in service to something greater than ourselves. When we do this, we become a doorway for others.


Sharpen your sword. Which is your self... it's the ONLY tool you have to affect change, transform our world and uplift and empower others.

As you rise, you will see this ripple out into your loved ones, your friends and your community. You see your world improve.

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There is heavy lifting in life, no doubt... AND it gets to be fun!





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